Family company

Let me introduce SzaboART, which is a Hungarian family company that manufactures premium 3D interior decor panels typically inspired by the elements of nature: wood and stone. Besides the popular wood wall-mount panels, we introduce a new product line in the global interior design market – stone wall panel decorations. Our products develop precisely by combining cutting edge CNC technology and manual craftsmanship to yield aesthetically appealing results. 

Our creator is Zsolt Szabo, who leads the company with his bigger son, Mario. For him, the most significant thing is maintaining family harmony that spans through generations. His ultimate goal is to hand the legacy his children, Mario (19), Bendeguz (8), Lili (6). One day, in his imagination, her daughter can work in the company as a creator, and his son can be an interior designer. 

In the future, the artist aims to emphasise the significance of nature through his work while making everyday life more colourful with his unique style. The most memorable events in his life, as Zsolt says, are those “when he paddles with his family”.