Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of materials used in SZABOART?

Our products are made from fine wood veneers but we also work with solid wood.

The raw materials used come exclusively from FSC- certified planted sites in controlled locations, rejecting illegal logging and trade.

What does the standard collection consist of?

Our standard set consists of 20 basic patterns, 9 types of wood veneers (oak European and American, walnut and cherry, mahogany, anigre, and pine),16 real split slates, and 6 surface treatment options for wood (matt and super mate lacquer, natural lacquer, satin lacquer, hard wax, and natural wood oil) 3 types of impregnation material can be selected for stone surfaces.

What is the technology behind SZABOART panels?

Our furniture and wall coverings are made from the best materials created by nature: wood and stone. To protect our environment, we use wood and stone in thin slices, in the form of veneer plates from 1 to 1.2 mm thick, thus leaving the smallest possible ecological footprint. The shell structure of our visible surfaces is 8mm thick while remaining extremely strong and durable.

What are the measurements of the panels?

250 x 250 mm (10 x 10 inches), 510 x 510 mm (20 x 20 inches), 600 x 600 mm (24 x 24 inches), 940 x 940 mm (37 x 37 inches), 1020 x 1020 mm (40 x 40 inches), taille de porte 1020 x 2030 mm (40 x 80 inches).

Extra larges panels:  (projet Hadid Opus): 1270 x 2800 mm (50 x 110 inches)

Their depth varies from 25 to 130 mm (1 to 5 inches) depending on the pattern and design.

Dimensions are rounded units due to unit differences!

How heavy is one panel?

Each element has a hollow structure and weighs 7-8 kg in a size of 600 x 600 mm (24 x 24 inches) and 11 to 13 kg in a size of 1020 x 1020 mm (40 x 40 inches).

Is it possible to use SZABOART panels outdoor?

Some products can be used specifically for outdoor places or places with high humidity.

Do you have 3D models to plan with?

We also produce 3D surfaces in individual sizes and shapes. For this request, a design consultation is required.


How are the panels packed?

Different types of packaging can be requested for the packaging and protection of the products.

In all cases, your order is placed under a secure multi-layer packaging cover piece by piece. 

For overseas shipments, multi-stage safety vacuum packaging is used and then put in strong wooden crates.

What is your shipping policy?

We use Ex Works. In the case of local installation, we deliver the product to the installed customer at the desired location.


Can I get veneer samples?

We can provide several material samples for your work on wood and stone surfaces.

Please contact our sales colleague at

Can I get small 3D samples of your panels?

We also produce small demo samples from some designs in 80 x 80mm (3 x 3 inch) sizes, and if needed we can also produce any shape you imagine.

Please contact our sales colleague at

Can I get a life-size panel as a sample?

We have several packages for presentation purposes, please contact our sales colleague at


Is is possible to order custom size panels?

After consultation with the creator, you can even request the production of a product by providing your materials.

Please contact our sales colleague at

Are the panels available with different veneers besides the standard collection (American walnut, white oak, stained anigre)?

9 types of wood veneers (European and American oak, walnut and cherry, mahogany, anigre and pine) 16 real split slates.

After consultation with the designer, you can even request the production of a product by providing your materials.

Please contact our sales colleague at

Are there any extra surface treatment options available?

Our products are in continuous development, in addition to the standard raw materials available, we also have successful experiences and tests in processing other decorative materials with extreme surfaces.

Please contact our sales colleague at

Are there any sound absorbing versions of the collection?

Yes, we also offer several solutions for the production and design of acoustic and diffuse cladding elements.

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Who makes the installation of the panels?

Installing panels and furniture is a task that requires serious expertise and preparation.

You can request on-site installation from our specialists, but you can also choose to install the purchased parts with your own commissioned personnel. For safe installation, we offer a method that, in addition to strict adherence to technological instructions, allows less experienced professionals to carry out the work.

What is the method for installing SzaboART panels?

For secure and precise fixing of the elements, we offer a solid wood veneer plate with the same material quality as the surface. After knowing the location, we will make a personalized recommendation.


Is it possible to install the panels on the ceiling?

Yes, the panels can even be used as ceiling elements, after knowing the location we can make a recommendation tailored to the fixing needs.


Do you keep stock?

Yes, the most popular items are prefabricated in 85%. What is left, this is the surface treatment, processing and small-scale cutting of these products. 

How can I get an offer?

You can order standard items in our online store. For tailor-made needs, we prepare an individual proposal. If it’s necessary, you can ask our comprehensive interior design services.

How can I order?

You can buy standard parts in our online store. If you have a tailor-made need, we can recommend you to our nearest partner for a consultation.

What is the minimum order quantity?

There is no minimum order for standard products. However, the packaging in stock cannot be broken in order to ensure the match of surface patterns. The parts that can be ordered individually are listed in our online shop.

What is the standard production time?

In most cases, our production period is 8 weeks. For individual production, it is best to inquire about our production capacity before your order. After a study of your specifications, we will present you with a quote and a production deadline

What are your payment terms?

For standard stock products, we require 100% prepayment before delivery.

In case of individual order, we can start production or development after accepting the 50% advance payment and signing the contract. When the products are ready, the remaining 50% of the purchase price must be paid before delivery.