FSC certification

What is FSC?

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a certification organization for wood products. The FSC was created to ensure the sustainable use of forests. The standards set by the FSC are designed to create social, ecological, and economically viable forest management.


What purpose?

FSC certified wood has been harvested responsibly. The wood used was selected one by one, then new wood was planted in its place, following an environmentally friendly behavior. The forest remains healthy and strong with a fraction of the pesticide and fungicide sprays used in industrial forests. Each log goes through a chain of inspections from the forest to the processing site through the log factory, ensuring authenticity.


Why is it important to buy such a product?

FSC certification benefits both humans and nature. This translates into the development of environmental protection, the increase of biodiversity in forests, the remuneration of workers, the increase in safety in the workplace, the continuous training of those who work there and the development of community infrastructure.


Use wood wisely

We can make a lot of little ones! We always make efficient use of available resources. In the case of wood, all parts of it are cut and shaped in such a way as to use as little raw material as possible during production, taking into account aspects of quality and sustainability, and to generate the least amount of waste. possible. We are constantly on the lookout for newer and more innovative solutions to design and manufacture our products so that, if the customer receives the best possible product, the environmental impact of manufacturing on our planet remains low.


Combination of wood species

The inner core of our products is fast-growing wood species covered with a noble 1.4mm color veneer – this means efficient use of resources, as we combine several types of wood in one piece of furniture. The combination of durable color veneers ensures a unique look and durable surfaces on huge surfaces while putting as little the strain on our ecosystem as possible.

Wood – one raw material, many options

The raw material most often associated with SZABOART products. We are passionate about wood and love working with it not only because it is the oldest raw material used, but also because wood is an excellent raw material in terms of design, quality, and environment – to provide that it comes from responsible forestry. Wood is sustainable, renewable, recyclable, and, above all, a beautiful material.


Responsible procurement of wood – in cooperation with FSC

Responsible wood sourcing is our responsibility. We are working with others to stop deforestation and deforestation, raising awareness of the importance of responsible forest management, in addition to responsible sourcing of necessary timber. This is how we work positively for forests.