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About Us


SzaboART is Hungarian family company that since 1999 manufactures premium 3D interior decor panels typically inspired by the elements of nature. Our products are developed precisely combining cutting edge CNC technology and manual craftsmanship, to yield aesthetically appealing results. We ship worldwide while you can sight our latest product lines in Budapest in our studios.


The goal of the creator Zsolt Szabo is to form a simple, down to earth atmosphere in our daily life, disseminating sustainable and environment-friendly philosophy.

Discover world dominated by wood and stone, get inspired, find your style and your inner harmony with the power of nature.


We offer you…

SzaboART is your number one pick if you appreciate the combination of nature with modern and soft curves. However, if you enjoy firm and courageous shapes more, we can still accommodate your needs with our stone panels.

Nowadays, our products are used in all sorts of places, from office buildings, sports colleges, cinemas and theatres, to hostels and lecture halls. What makes our panels unique is their ability to be moved remotely through hidden electric motors